You can access the scambaiter panel by clicking the copyright text in the footer, re-logging in, and you should be presented with the scambaiter panel. If you have any issues, feel free to ask on our discord server, or open a ticket.
PRO is a COMPLETELY OPTIONAL way to support us, and get some awesome features in the process! For a few bucks, you get cool features like profile pictures! We don't want anyone to feel pressured into buying PRO, and there is nothing wrong with using the free version. We just want to reward those who want to help us out with our hosting, development, and support costs!
PRO is a one-time fee, which activates all of the pro features, and any future pro features, on the account you purchase PRO for. You cannot transfer your pro license, but if you are put in a situation where it is absolutely necessary, feel free to open a ticket and we will see what we can do.
Screenshot it immediately. If you can screenshot the dashboard, that would be ideal. Then, open a ticket under the "Abuse" category. Upload the screenshot, and send us the account name, email, the names and balances of all 4 bank accounts, and any other info you think is important. We will address the issue ASAP, as we are very concerned about scammers abusing Northwatch, and we are very serious about blocking any malicious traffic/users.
You can join our discord server at https://discord.gg/RMuUvZW. We have a support channel there where you can ask members of the community questions that don't require private info to help save support people's time! Also, you can hang out with other users of Northwatch and possibly win free PRO!
Open a ticket, but please be spcific and explain your issue. We will email you back when you open your ticket, and when an agent responds.
Open a ticket as soon as you have a chance. We will solve the bug as soon as possible, and in some cases we will upgrade your account to PRO as a thank you! We appreciate responsible disclosure, and we try to reward it.
You can change account names, balances, view IPs that have logged into your account, and more by going into the scambaiter panel. To access the scambaiter panel, follow the instructions here: https://i.imgur.com/zXQInAc.png.
No. NorthWatch PRO and Stripe/BitPay are only connected in the sense that after I receive your payment and you make a ticket, I set your account type to PRO. You are not able to access your payment details in NorthWatch AT ALL, even in the scambaiter panel.